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Flynn Starborne Jedi Report #2

It’s time to continue on our adventure to find out what this map actually means. it’s brought us to quite a lot of locations in a short amount of time finding combat at every corner. I decide I should go ahead at get some meditation in before we meet certain combat again. I hear everybody else climb on board the ship and stop meditating momentarily to find out from V’Lane he’s been contacted by somebody from his past asking him to come up to a location in Canada. I agree and we make our way there, as I meditate all the way there. When we arrive we pull up to the front of a mansion and V’Lane knocks on the door. Some strange man answers the door with a very positive attitude. He invites us in and we’re brought to a room with an assortment of different people. I sense somebody near has a deep hatred within the Force near me. It appears to be coming from the room directly to the left behind closed doors. I message Daisy and tell her there’s a deep hatred within the building. She says she doesn’t know exactly who it is. We walk into the room to the left to figure out what the Force i’m feeling is. There’s a man sitting in a chair with a book in his hand. I could tell he’s the one with the deep hatred. *****SECRET**** I ask him for his piece of the map and he tenses up and break the arm rest. ***SECRET*** He stands up and draws his lightsaber. A Mage by the fireplace pulls his staff out and prepares for combat as well. V’Lane uses his abilities to scare the mage away. The other guy goes to strike me with his lightsaber but I flip over his lightsaber and throw mine right through him slicing him in half. I pick up his lightsaber and attached it to my waistband. Suddenly a book comes flying right towards me but I dodge out the way. They scurry out of the room and run into the foyer, then into the room on the right side. 

Jack tells us the owner is sitting on his bed freaking about trying to get something to work. We start to approach the stair that lead up to the room and the bedroom door slams shut.  I use my force powers to pull the door off the hinges, and a man comes out very upset about me apparently “ruining the surprise” What a strange person. All four people in the foyer begin to mount an attack on us. One comes up and attempts to strike me with a sword but i’m able to flip over him and stab him in the shoulder with my lightsaber. He tries again but I slide out of the way and throw my lightsaber at him. It decapitates the target, and his head falls off his shoulders as my lightsaber returns to me. Meanwhile V’Lane is able to render the other 2 useless and send the third running out the front door. I walk up to the the other grunt, draw the second lightsaber and execute him. Jack ensnares him in nanites rendering him useless. He tells us that we were brought here to be disposed of so they could steal our map pieces. I ask him where the next piece of the map would be found. He says some where in England and hands us an address. That’s all we need so Jack makes a scythe out of his nanites and cuts him in half. That looks to be all the trouble within the mansion. I tell Jack and V’Lane to head back to the ship i’ll be joining them shortly. 

I go up the stairs and burst through the door into the owner’s room. I ask him why he brought us here. He says they forced him to because he knew V’Lane. After trying to apologize to me for bringing us here. I slam the door shut and drain the life out of his body. I feel great anger within my body. The body dissolves and I walk back to the Ship.

After I get back on the ship I brief Daisy on our mission, and she tells me we have a guest with us. I introduce myself, she says her name is Tara and she’s here for Nakano. She looks to be trained in martial arts like Nakano. I shrug it off and go begin to meditate while we fly to the address in England. 

We arrive to a 3 story Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods. It looks like Nakano is finally awake. The normal 4 of us head in to the mansion and it looks like Tara will be joining us. I hope she’s not a nuisance. The mansion looks like something out of a horror movie. We head up to the second floor towards the master bedroom because that’s what Nakano advises. As we walk in the furniture comes alive and begins to sing in french. Nakano ignores it and continues to go through another door leading to a dining room. In the dining room the table shakes and a plate goes flying toward Nakano. He’s able to step out the way. Small tin soldiers rise up and try to shoot us with little rifles. It looks like everybody was able to dodge but V’Lane. The tin soldiers then go back to being ordinary tin soldiers toys. Nakano grabs one and throws it in his pocket. We then walk through a door into a kitchen and a ghost with a cleaver strikes Nakano but doesn’t appear to do any damage. It runs away while saying to get out of his kitchen. We continue walking to find a stairwell and theres blood all over the place. We see a throne with a corpse holding something. It gets up and yells “MINE” and gets very aggressive. He appears to be a vampire so V’Lane takes out his shotgun and shoots the roof above him to expose some sunlight from outside but not enough to effect him. Nakano attempts to grab the vampire but he pushes him off. I use my force powers to enlarge the hole in the roof covering most of the attic except where he is standing. Across the floor where sunlight now shines the blood on the floor evaporates away. Nakano then grabs him and tosses him into the middle of the room in direct sunlight cause him to burn and die in the middle of the room. Nakano then grabs the map piece he had in his grasp. We decide it’s time to head back to the ship so we could find our next map location. When we get back to the ship I head to meditate while they’re figuring out the next stop.


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